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Hello Everyone. My name is Maureen and this blog is an extention of my website Online Shopping Boutique. I will be sharing specials, cool websites and online stores, shopping tips, shopping resources, contests, giveaways and featuring work at home moms who offer resources for WAHM businesses.
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Online Shopping Mall
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Shopping at it's best. See you at The Mall!

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Online Shopping Boutique designed For Busy Work at Home Women and Moms

The Online Shopping Boutique was designed with women and moms in mind. Allow us to show you around.

If you’re a stay at home mom and are looking recipes, meal planning tips, and ways to optimize and manage your time and money, visit the Household Helper eBook Store.

If you’re a work at home mom and you’re looking to network and advertise your business, visit our Business Networking Resources, or check out the networking groups on the left side of our Homepage. Also looking for online business opportunities for little or no money down? Look at the business opportunities on the right side of the Homepage.

To support women owned businesses, visit the Small Business Directory.

If you just want to shop, there is something for everyone in our Boutiques:
For the bride, visit the Wedding Store, Xperience Days Store and the Diamond.com Store
For Mommy-to-be, visit the Motherhood Store
For Baby items, visit the Baby Store
For Kids toys, clothes, visit the Kid’s Korner
For Men and Groom gifts, visit Executive Gift Shoppe
For a unique shoppers’ club experience, visit My Powermall
For all your shopping needs, visit our Amazon Store at the Amazon Mall Store
For holiday gifts, visit the Holiday Garden & Gift Shoppe

Some of our specialty boutiques are: Spa Finder, Travel Store, BeautyChoice for beauty supplies, Classic Closeouts and Clothing Warehouse for clothes at great discounts, and much more to even list.

You will also find household items, stationery, collectibles, jewelry, perfume, shoes, flowers, home d├ęcor, travel and much more at our Boutiques.

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Shopaholic Corner

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Work at Home Corner

Read our December 15, 2008 Special Feature below about Mompreneur Ann Tillage.

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Friday, July 24, 2009

Don't Miss The July "Mall Crawl" Event!

YOU WILL NOT WANT TO MISS the July "Mall Crawl Event" at http://www.OnlineShoppingMall.ning.com/ Visit the Mall from this Friday, (July 24th) thru Thursday (July 30th) and take advantage of a wide assortment of vendors/service providers offering all sorts of UNADVERTISED SALES AND SPECIALS!!

The "OnlineShoppingMall" is over 300 members strong! Members sell all manner of products and services! The participating members are listed on the main page! Simply click-on their avatars/banners and you will visit their Mall page! You can read all about their sales/specials, even see slide shows of their products! If you like what you see, you are only a "click" away from benefiting from this exclusive Mall event!

Visit the Mall now and get a sneak peek at just some of the great deals you can benefit from! All specials and participating members will not be listed untill the first day of the event! But remember! The Mall Crawl special UNADVERTISED discounts only apply during the LIMITED TIME!


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

July Shopping Spree Vendor Party Starts Today

Join us at Online Shopping Mall for our "July Shopping Spree Vendor Party"

We are fortunate to have an eclectic mix of very talented artisans/vendors at The Online Shopping Mall! We have Stunning One-Of-A-Kind Handcrafted, artisan Jewelry ~ Luxurious Spa-Style Bath & Body products ~ Sweet Fragrant Candles ~ Handcrafted Cards & Gifts ~ Online Boutiques~ Decorative Accessories ~ Earthy, Natural, Beauty products for skin and hair! ~ And SO MUCH more.

These are just SOME of the products that our talented Online Shopping Mall merchants will share with you. Stop by and take advantage of CLEARANCE, sales & specials. We will have fun games with wonderful prizes! EVERYONE that makes any purchase during the party, and the night of the party, gets a fabulous FREE GIFT as a special thank you.

So come on and join us as we celebrate "July Shopping Spree Party" at Online Shopping Mall on Tues, July 21st and Thursday, July 23rd at 6-9pm EST/ 3-6pm PST at Online Shopping Mall’s chatroom at http://onlineshoppingmall.ning.com/. Click on Mall Chatroom at the top of the main page and enter a user name to enter the chatroom (and here’s the direct link for the chatroom: http://onlineshoppingmall.ning.com/page/mall-chat).

Jewelry To Live For

Work At Home Artisan Business Feature

I love jewelry…which woman doesn’t, right? I especially love handcrafted jewelry. I am so fortunate to have a friend who makes the most unique jewelry and why I love her jewelry even more!! It’s at a price I can afford.

Let me introduce you to my friend, Aprilee, the creative genius behind Artisan Jewelry Studios. I purchased some jewelry from her as gifts for others but mostly for me. I always look forward to mail after I purchase because they are always gift wrapped or packaged so beautifully and I can’t wait to see my surprise!!! There is often a gift with purchase—it’s like Christmas every time you purchase jewelry from Aprilee at Artistry Jewelry Studios.

Here are some of her beautifully designed creations:

I am proud to call her my friend and I’d love for you to get to know her too. Here’s Aprilee’s bio:

I’m Aprilee Lawson, the creator behind Artistry Jewelry Studios. I grew up in Maryland. The only girl, raised with an older & younger brother. I was always creative and loved working with my hands. So much that I went to Trade School and became a Certified Carpenter! I was such a good, hard worker that whenever a new guy wanted to apply for a job, my boss would point to me and say "If you can keep-up with her, you've got a job." I only witnessed one guy getting the job! LOL!

When I was in high school I became very interested in working with pastels. I loved them for their "blendability". I hadn't done any work with my hands for some time. When my friend signed-up for a Jewelry Construction Class and didn't want to go alone, I signed up with her. I was actually very reluctant to go. I quickly began developing skills and thursting for more. I began devoting myself to learning all I could about different mediums and techniques. Within the first few classes, I was working with jewelry at home. As time progressed, I was asked to take-over teaching the class. I love researching and learning new things, so jewelry seems to be my perfect "fit".

Jewelry is more than a chain draped around one's neck. It has defined one's class, ethnicity, hopes and dreams, seemingly forever. I am caught-up in all jewelry was, is and can be. Jewelry has redefined who I am as a person, and what I stand for! I have just begun blogging about the history of jewelry! Follow my blog and have fun learning! I always do! I am getting ready to expand my accessories to include crochet collars (yes, I also crochet) and vintage-style millinery hats, headbands, etc. You never know what I'll be doing next!

Treat yourself to some of Aprilee’s treasures. You’ll be glad you did. Visit her sites and blog often for her specials and sales. You can find Aprilee and her wonderful creations at the following online locations:
http://www.victorianfantasy.etsy.com/ http://artistrybyaprilee.artistryarts.com/
http://www.artistryjewelry.etsy.com/ http://www.artistryjewelry.blogspot.com/

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Introducing Successful Women Network

Women Network Resource Feature

Successful Women Network - Where Women Network

Successful Women Network reaches out to all successful women. We define successful women as women who live life to the fullest and always put forth their best effort. That passion can be about baking a cake or painting a picture, running a mile or running a company. As a successful woman, you embrace what inspires you! And Successful Women Network embraces you!

We wanted to create a unique women's community and realized that dream with Successful Women's Network! We have created a place of inspiration for women. Successful Women Network motivates and empowers women everywhere and our successful women also support each other. We have combined a social and business network within one successful community.

We want women to treat this network as their second home and we offer all the comforts of home! You can put your own personal stamp on our community. Set up your profile and invite your friends! You will find great features in our community: Enjoy popular videos or upload your favorites. Join a group or create your own group. Have a friendly chat as we provide Video and Voice Chat as well as IM. Write in your journal or plan your next big event.

If you have a business, you can even network here! Advertise your business in our business center and classified section. You can add your banner into rotation and post business ads. You can even build your own store and sell your own products. Upgraded business members get all the regular business services plus receive free leads!

Successful Women Network even reaches beyond the individual. We know what matters to women and we share your love of family and community. That's why Successful Women Network extends a welcome to all non-profit organizations. We invite all non-profits to join our community and promote your causes. Successful Women Network will donate to each non-profit organization. Every member will also be given the option to support their favorite charities.

We want to offer every convenience for our members. Successful Women Network's Blog will keep you current on issues of interest to women. It promises to help you stay at the top of your game. We look forward to reading your blog posts. We also have a fantastic forum which thrives on your feedback.
Successful Women Network welcomes you! Join me today at http://www.successful-women-network.com/

Successful Women Network was created by Julia Wilkins Gueler, CEO and Founder of Successful Women Network. Julia is a mother of an 8 year old boy, part-time law enforcement officer and wife to a former US Army Soldier.
"I have always dreamed of providing an online Community for Women. However I didn’t know what I was getting myself into when I first started Successful Women Network. I have never before encountered so much frustration and at the same time learned the real meaning of patience with the creation of Successful Women Network. Throughout the trials and frustrations, my perseverance did not however allow me to give up on my dream to provide a Community filled with lots of empowerment and inspiration for women.”I think I have accomplished many things in life from successfully raising my child to becoming the person I was meant to be. Now with Successful Women Network, we can share our stories and our journeys and at the same time provide each other a nurturing and supportive environment where we can promote and support each other and our business globally.

Successful Women Network - Where Women Network